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When a candle catches fire!!! Do's and Don'ts.

We've tried explaining this time and time again, at every show, to every client, on our warning labels and to anyone who will listen.

Candles can and will catch on fire, thus we ask never to leave a candle unattended.

Did you know a candle fire is the same as a grease fire? Never try putting it out with water, it does not work.

Please see below, Rafi from @ThompsonFerrier candles in New York (one of the candle companies we admire the most) provided a live demonstration on their IG page. We thought it was great and asked for his permission to share with you all.

Please watch, there's nothing like being an educated candle lover.

This is the best live demonstration we've seen to date and extremely helpful as well. Hope you all watch it.

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