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There's no place like home....

Well, we say there's no place like Lolio101 Home Fragrance collection to take you home, no matter where home is.

Did you say you want a relaxing and meditative state of mind? Our SPA, Lavendar, Oh Rose or our Mediterranean Fig, are the best for relaxation and meditation, but if you need a pick me up, energy uplifting boost state of mind, then our Ruby Red, Gardenia, Patchouli or Tuberose will sweep you away. In the mood for a cozy Fall holiday feeling, our English Pine, Bois de Santal or Cedarwood and Juniper are your best choice. Oh, wait but you want chic and elegant? Then there's no better choice than Habibi or French Pear, bougies Miami style, ohh La la what feeling!!!

At Lolio101 we set our standards high, our selection exclusive and premium apothecary scents are intentional teasers for your senses. And we forgot to mention our crackling wood wicks!!! Well, they crackle while burning.

So, go ahead, Relax and Smell the Candle. You'll be back for more.

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