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One candle sold a condo, read how true story

#Realtors looking for innovative ways to close on a deal?

Back in 2013 when we started our company, we were vendors at a Christmas Boutique event in Key Biscayne, Florida. For those that don't know, Key Biscayne is Luxury island retreat for the above average community. It's a tropical paradise of swaying palm trees, ocean breeze, peace and tranquility and home to many famous celebrities including Andy Garcia and former President Nixon.

Getting orders ready busy day!!!

The show was a sell out, not a single candle left of the 200+ candles we started with. Clients were buying 10 candles at a time, we were in heaven. Of the many patrons that approached us, we met a Spaniard couple who asked for fragrance recommendations as they were selling one their vacation condos and needed a scent for their upcoming openhouse. They wanted a sweet but strong enough fragrance to fill their 2000+ square feet place. So we discussed certain top seller fragrances, as is Patchouli, Mediterrean Fig and English Pine since it was the holiday season but the wife was more floral so we suggested the strongest of 15 scents, Tuberose. She smiled as she took a whiff and said "I love this one". They bought the candle and off they went, but 15 minutes later they returned and purchased 8 other candles for gifts. It was a magical event for us, vendors paradise not to mention the parade of luxury handbags, rich perfumes and designer fashion exhibited by the attendees it was insane, another show in and of itself.

So fast forward to a chilly February Sunday morning when we receive a call from a client who identifies herself referring to the Key Biscayne event. We connect and she now wants to purchase two Tuberose candles. She explains they have someone interested in the condo but the one condition of the buyer is they have to get him two candles. She said

"your candle sold our condo"!!! She went to say, from the minute he walked he was enamored by the scent. He kept reiterrating how much he loved the smell, he asked more questions about the candle than the condo she giggled!!! I have to get him two candles to make this sale happen. We were thrilled to hear this and of course we delivered the order immediately.

Not only did we make another sale but we acquired a new client who til this day continues to order from us, "the buyer". Our free delivery service makes it very convenient for the client as normally we deliver the same day when possible or the day after placing the order.

The importance of fragrance, whether it's your home, your persona or your office, plays an important role in making surroundings pleasant. Just a simple candle made the sale. So if you are a realtor call us give us a description of the property, is it a modern ocean front condo on the beach or a traditional old spanish house in the Gables and we'll recommend a scent that will create an irresistable ambiance to make that sale happen. Or we discuss designing your own private label candle to give as closing gifts to your client. We have amazing deals and minimum order requirement for realtors is one dozen for the 10oz or 14oz candles and 50 for our petite bougie 3oz votives. Here's a sample of some of our private label orders and how we can taylor our product to meet your needs. We also offer reed diffusers and room sprays.

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