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Looking for a signature home fragrance

Discover Lolio101 Home Fragrance Collection with 15 luxury scents available to keep your home smelling like you.

Our number one seller "Patchouli" is available in a room spray, reed diffuser and candle so no matter what, your home will always stay fragranced. Here's an example of a custom made order gift set. It includes all three products along with the glass dome and matches. You select which products you want to include and we set it up in a beautiful giftset and deliver it just like a floral arrangement. Only this lasts a lot longer.

Need some rest and relaxation? Our soothing Lavender is available in a candle and soap. Just start relaxing in a warm bath and then finish it off with the aroma of our candle. Great scent for meditating just make sure to blow it out before you are whisked away into a relaxing deep sleep.

But wait, if you need to energize and revitalize then no doubt strike a match to our Ruby Red the sweet citrus scent of grapefruit will have you dancing in no time.

Need to refresh your kitchen try our Clean Passion, French Pear and Pino Fresco are sure to bring in that fresh scent every kitchen should always have.

And if you want is elegance like those found only in luxury premium candles, we have a few of the best in the market. Our Bois de Santal, Cedarwood & Juniper, "Oh Rose", Habibi, Gardenia, Mediterranean Fig, Spa and Tuberose are definitely at the top of the list.

Once you discover your favorite scent shop and stock up so you never run out.

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