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Did you know we are expanding? Home Fragrance the Lolio101 way!

We sure are, and we couldn't be more excited about our newest additions. We love pleasing our clients, after all, we appreciate each and everyone of you. So here's whats new.

1. One new fragrance "Habibi" in honor of our lebanese heritage. It's a pure middle eastern home perfume and it's out of this world. The fragrance is so complex, it took us about 3 months to find the perfect name and Habibi was just right. It means my love or sweetheart in arabic and once you try it, you too will fall in love with it.
2. Room / Pillow spray, for all the Patchouli lovers who kept asking for an option to our candle while they are away from home. We added the spray which is amazing, especially on your pillow. It is currently sold out but will be back very soon.
3. Reed Diffuser were also added to ensure your bathroom and bedrooms keep that Patchouli scent going. Our reeds are imported from England and diffuse the fragrance amazingly well. Currently all Patchouli products are sold out and should available again very soon. We plan on adding more fragrances to diffuser line for 2021, so that all our top sellers have a diffuser. They've been a hit!!!!
Thank you for your continued support and hope you continue to allow us to fragrance your home.
Lolio101 Home Fragrance Collection

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