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The perfect candle? Tips to know!

Candle making not a simple process

Candle making is an art requiring endless hours to perfect. Although it may seem as easy as melting wax, adding fragrance and a wick, it takes a lot more.

The type of wax used determines only one-fourth of making a successful candle. The next ingredient is the fragrance which ultimately when combined correctly will produce the scent. But the most crucial element is the wick!!! Unbelievably, the wick determines how the candle will smell and fill the room.

Here at Lolio101 we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary soon and we couldn't be happier with our accomplishments over the past 10 years. For one we learned through trial and error how to make a candle that fills a room. We've added over seven amazing scents which we tested over and over to ensure they are worthy of being part of our collection. Be assured that if it's part of our line up, it smells. When we set out to start our brand, our goal was a long-lasting scent til the very end, and we achieved our goal. This took a few years and lots of testing to perfect and become the brand we are today. And we will continue testing and improving with our continued efforts and passion for growth.

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to make a good candle, know this too....

There's a reason candle price points vary. When a candle brand produces a luxury candle using top of the line materials, production costs are much higher than that of a factory-made candle using bottom line materials. Fragrance alone can cost upwards of fifty dollars a pound vs. chemically produced scents costing seven to sixteen dollars a pound. Once you burn a ten-dollar candle you will notice the difference. Things to look out for, the wicks material did it curve into the wax pool? The edges are they smooth, and once lit did it burn edge to edge? What's the burn time? But most of all the fragrance, can you smell it??? Did the scent last through every burn? Did it burn all the way to bottom? These are just a few of the things to look out for when burning any candle. Burn time is another important factor, are you getting your money's worth if the candle only lasts twenty hours vs five hours.

Presentation is key, but presentation and fair value together is another.

So, the next time you reach out to buy a candle, know the candle industry is an extremely competitive market, it's up to you to be as selective to get your money's worth. Remember you get what you pay for.

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