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Are all candles the same? Candle connoisseurs know the difference.

To most a candle is just a candle, they all do the same thing, you light them, they burn, emit fragrance and viola they are all the same.

Oh no, they are not!!!

Believe it or not just like there are designer clothing and haute couture or high end shoes, there is a difference between candles. Just as with anything else, if it's more expensive there's a reason for it. Usually it's the materials being used, but to a candle maker the components of your product could be the difference between good or bad. For example, the wax used could be filled with chemicals to hold down the fragrance, hardening the wax and making stiff and matt. Then you have chemical components added as a fragrance which are lab created full of phthalates and harmful toxins. When put together it's toxin heaven!!!

Educating consumer's has not been easy, when we are at shows and hear oh so and so gives me two for 25.00. Well, so and so is not a high end candle company, they are not hand poured and mostly come from factories in Asia. They are massed produced and sure they are much cheaper because they really are!!!

We are home perfumery, producing a high end product, all hand poured in small batches using quality products to ensure the fragrance is emitted whether or not the candle is burning. We give you a whiff of scent every time you walk by and fill your space when burning. Our wooden wicks slowly burn creating a pool of fragrance that will roam around and stay around long after.

So, the next time you pick up a candle, look at the wax is it harden, stiff like or is it creamy with a luster. Is the scent strong enough that you smell at an arms length? If it's cheap, it is!!! These are just a few indicators to spot the difference.

We are not saying we are better, but what we are saying is

"Smell the difference".

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