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Does size make a difference? Lolio101 guide to selecting candles

We've been asked many times if size really makes a difference and our answer is always YES!!! That's why we make different sizes. For example our Grande 24oz double wood wick candle, this size is ideal for larger spaces such as living rooms, family rooms, office spaces, it covers a lot more square footage than the average 12oz candle which is suitable for smaller homes, bedrooms or smaller spaces. Our 2.5oz votive would best suit a bathroom or small bedroom. When selecting the right size, keep in mind three things, size is as important as burning the candle at least 3 hours the first time you light it. This sets the memory of your candle and prevents tunneling. And last but not least trim the wick every time you re-light your candle.

We thank all those clients that have reached out regarding our facebook account being hacked. After many attempts, tweets and even a written letter to facebook they have done nothing to help us recover our account or stop the hackers from posting on our page. We are back on IG but had to open a new account and start from scratch. Feel free to follow us there for the latest news although we normally blog as well. Hope everyone stays safe during these rough time. #candleloversofinstagram #candles #cat #homedecor #homefragrance #hostessgifts #gifts #bougie #patchouli #luxurycandles #CoralGables #Pinecrest #Miami #love #candlemaker #fragrance #womeninbusiness #candle #spa #Lolio101 #fun #girlsmustwearpearls #weekendvibes #instacandle #scentedcandles #paris #luxdecor

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