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Candle burning with a twist!!!

The new way of burning candles

Layering candle scents to create your signature home fragrance

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If you like being unique in everything you do, then creating a signature home fragrance is for you. Once you learn how to do it you will never burn a single fragrance again.

Most candle connoisseurs are always in search of quality candles and "NEW" fragrances or they've already tried most scents and have one particular favorite. What most don't do is burn two or maybe even three different scents at once.

Well, we do it all the time and create our own unique signature home fragrance. You see once you create your homes scent, it becomes you. So we started by burning two fragrances the first time during a photo shoot. We had already started burning two scents #Mediterraneanfig and #OhRose and since it was just for photography purposes we lit both of these. We let them burn for about an hour so the wax pool would photograph correctly well much to our surprise we loved the scent. So we just started pairing and mixing fragrances and experienced a whole new level of candle burning. We went as far as burning three scents and that was just a fragrance explosion!!! So here are a few of the pairing examples we loved but you we recommend you test your own to achieve your own signature scent.

We loved: 1. Mediterranean Fig & Oh Rose 2. Lavender & Spa 3. Pino Fresco & English Pine & Cedarwood and Juniper Remember most of our fragrances come from high end fragrance houses throughout the U.S.A. & Europe, these are professional perfumers who sometimes use upwards of 20 fragrance notes to acquire a complex single scent. So when you burn two different candles, you get double the amount of notes. So here is what we found during testing and we recommend for the best experience.

First light the strongest of the two or three scents you will be burning. Allow about a 45 mins. burn time so it creates a good size melt pool, then light your second candle. We recommend placing them on opposite sides of the room are least a far apart as possible. What happens when the melt pools start disseminating their scents, they will infuse the air forming your unique signature scent. It's truly amazing and can be sooo relaxing!!! Try it, you will love it once you find your own scent.

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