Private Scenting Session

When you call us to schedule your private scenting session, we’ll set aside a convenient date and time for you. Appointments usually take about an hour. So grab a friend or two and make it a girlie gathering.

Upon arriving you'll be greeted by our annoying but loving Frenchie "Sir Oliver" who will jump for joy to see you.

Then we'll offer a little chilled wine or prosecco while you are whisked away to our fragrance paradise. Our table will be ready with our 14 amazing scents displayed in glass domes to preserve each scents individuality and we put out real coffee beans to clear your olfactory senses during your sampling session.

Here we take the time to explain the notes and strength of each one and answer all your questions.

And so your scenting frenzy begins, you take a whiff out of every glass dome, love one or two and like two others, so you go back and start over, lifting each dome over and over sniffing each fragrance at least 3 times before you decide which one or maybe you'll want three or all four.

Once you make your selection we will package your candle (s) in our luxury designed packaging which includes a set of Lolio101 matches and come gift ready.

Our passion for fragrance is serious, we strive to provide affordable luxury candles and we love to roll out the red carpet for our royalty!

Welcome to Lolio101 Home Fragrance Collection

an olfactory experience

So go ahead, Relax and Smell the Candle


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