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Do you know how to burn a wood wick candle

Properly burnt candles

That is the question? Have you ever purchased a wood wick candle? Candle lovers usually select their candle based on scent, so if they love the scent they buy the candle. Most however, are unaware that a wood wick candle is a little different. Even though all candles should be trimmed, a wood wick requires trimming to insure proper burning. Wood is wood and as such, once it is burnt trying to re-light it will give of smoke and soot you do not want. It's important to understand that properly trimming the wick is a key factor in successfully burning a candle.

Even though we advise every client at the time of purchase to trim the wick after each burn, often times this is generally disregarded. The result of the next burn is a candle that smokes. So here's a tutorial I found on You Tube which demonstrates exactly how to trim the wick to avoid over burning the wick.

So if you don't want to watch the video here's how to properly burn a candle and how to easily trim your wick.

The first time you burn your candle allow it to burn long enough to burn from side to side of the jar. This will create a memory mark for the life of the candle. Once you blow out your candle and it is completely dry, turn your candle upside down pinch the wick with your thumb and pointer finger (I use a napkin) and take whatever comes off. The reason you turn it upside down is to insure none of the burnt wood particles fall in your candle. Once you've trimmed it, it's ready to be re-lit and you are starting your next burn with a fresh wick. Enjoy!

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