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When you just won't settle...

You're a special kind of person if you refuse to settle and that's perfectly ok. Your kind will go the extra mile to find things that make you who you are. Things that make you feel special and different. You just refuse to be average and that's just how we feel too. We don't like average!!! We're not saying we are better but we certainly strive to be.

So your opinion matters, and since we are both not the average kind, we want to know what you would do different to improve our brand? Go ahead tell us, we want to hear your ideas, concerns, suggestions and improvements so we can continue to grow and improve our brand together.

We've heard suggestions to go bigger and are currently working on introducing a two wick 24oz giant. We're working on discontinuing some #fragrances and introducing new ones (hint see pic below). So if there's anything you have in mind share your comments we'd love to hear from you.

New up and coming...

Unfortunately this year we are unable to attend #CarnavalontheMile as our shipment of boxes were delayed leaving the port in Guangzhou China and will not be arriving in time for Carnaval. We will however be back next year with all the new goodies we introduce throughout this year. We are booked for two great #bazaars in March which we will post as the time gets closer.

New fragrances in the works
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