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Going to the mall

Just last week Lolio101 Home Fragrance Collection joined Specialty Pop-up Events for their market at Boca Raton Town Center. This event was a great venue to reach new clients and engage with people from all over the world and all walks of life. It's amazing how despite the diversification in our communities, fragrance seems to be a universal language.

Fragrance and scent play a very important part of our day to day life. Although we may not be mindful of it, everything we come across has scent to it. Think about how many different scents you smell everyday. From the minute you wake up til you go to bed, fragrance lives amongst us.

So when you come across a table full of scented candles, the reaction is to stop and take whiff. It's unbelievable how that first interaction with one of our candles leads to them wanting to sample our entire collection. Next we get the WOW stare, they just don't know which fragrance they like the most, so they go for a second whiff session. This second sampling helps in selecting which of our 14 scents they are going to take home.

At this particular bazaar we met people from Brazil, Spain, Russia and India so you can imagine the complexity of fragrance preferences we had before us. All in all we found that no matter what, we had a scent to attract everyone's olfactory system.

No matter where you come from or where you've been, people love fragrance!

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