Life on fast forward, what's the Rush?

How much time do you have for you?

How often do you take a 15 minute break to sit back, relax and disengage from your stressful surroundings? More often than not we go day's, month's or even year's just rushing through life. What's the rush and how fast do you really go? We're running alright, we run for family, for our employer, for our profession, or for just no reason. We rush without realizing we are running through life, missing out on the moment because we are in such a hurry. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Will it really make a difference?

  • Is it really that important?

  • Is it worth it?

  • What's the rush?

When you live on overdrive "relax" is a foreign word, so foreign many find it difficult to sit still for more than five minutes. How often do you relax? At Lolio101 relaxing is important, we love to be the reason you stop, light up, sit back and just enjoy the scent of the candle while tuning in to the crackling wick. Although this may sound like a commercial or sales pitch it's really not. It's just an observation of how something as simple as the fragrance of a candle, the warm glow of it's fire and the music of it's wick can do for us. It's our observation of human's, wondering, does anyone realize how unimportant some things really are. We sometimes forget simple things make the biggest difference and complex situations often resolve themselves. So hit the pause button on your fast forward life, take time off now, don't wait til tomorrow, the next day off, vacation, or retirement, take a break now and every single day. Sit down close your eyes and feel your skin, your hair, feel your breath, feel your heart beat. Smell the rain, listen to it's music. See the butterfly, the dragonfly as they peacefully fly by you. Hear the song of the mocking bird or perhaps see the flower that bloomed? These are the things you see once you exist in "relax" mode, you see there's a lot of beauty you've been missing out on.

So, go ahead relax and smell the candle...

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