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Our Dream

Living the DREAM, the scented candle dream that is....


Two girls, one dream, 15 years in the making.


The goal? Owning, producing and delighting clients world wide with a highly fragrant luxury candle. We want every boutique, salon, gift shop, spa, florist, realtor, lady and gentleman to know and want our unique candles. Allow us to light up your life and fragrance your world.


Attempting to become self taught chandlers? Mehhhh that was a different story, a lot of fun but  not an easy task. Back then Internet was not easily accessible and information was scarce, so several attempts and fear of blowing up one of our homes, we postponed the plan.  The dream though never escaped our  thoughts, every opportunity of scenting a candle brought thoughts of how we could make a better, more fragrant, prettier product. 


One day the dream stopped being a thought.  We just started searching for quality products that when combined created a luxury perfumed candle. Each one is hand poured and packaged, using specially blended waxes, reusable glass containers, wood wicks that crackle as they slowly burn and perfumed oils. No pouring companies, no fulfillment orders or assembly lines, just the two cousins hand pouring one lighted dream at a time.


Follow your dreams you never know where they will lead you.





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